Queensrÿche at the Orpheum

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Queensryche Aerialist

Queensryche Cabaret

What do you do when you are a multi-platinum metal band that’s been around since the hair metal days, but you aren’t a hair metal band? If you ask the members of Queensrÿche, I think they would say this: “Diversify and have fun doing it”.

In this case, that means things like start your own wine label a la Geoff Tate, or delve into creating your own craft beer as Michael “Whip” Wilton has done. It also might mean hiring your son-in-law to play guitar in your band, or have your wife, daughter, and some friends join the burlesque frivolities on stage for a limited engagement tour.

Yes, burlesque. That’s what the Queensrÿche Cabaret tour is all about. Adults only fun. Hard hitting rock ‘n’ roll and scantily-clad, but fashionably attired, ladies performing theatrical skits and aerial artistry. Throw in some jugglers and a couple of Vaudevillian performers to fill time between costume changes and you have the makings of a good show.

Not your normal metal show, for sure. No moving lights, no fancy projections, no pyrotechnics, no haze generators or smoke spewing here. Think fancy curtains and color washes. This is old-school entertainment boys and girls. People. Artists. Interacting with one another without a semi-trailer worth of fancy electronics. What a concept.

Of course, the band was as tight as ever. Not many bands can sound “so studio” live as Queensrÿche always manages to do. Hell, at one point Parker Lundgren had to deal with a malfunctioning guitar strap at least four times during one song. He managed well, only missing a couple of notes.

The set list wasn’t your usual ‘Rÿche, for sure. Yes, they played the hits. They played a couple new things obviously written for this new mini rock opera. They also managed to finesse some of those familiar “filler” tracks right into the story line.

Rock operas and concept albums are cool. Time has proven that. Some times you get lucky in life and get a chance to see Roger Waters do “The Wall” live. Sometimes, you get to see ‘Rÿche perform a cool little cabaret show in a beautiful theater from the ’20s complete with fancy red curtains and gold trim. Either way, you are enjoying music as it was meant to be…live and engaging. You should pull out the earbuds more often, and do just that.

Queensrÿche Rocks Flagstaff

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Queensrÿche stopped by the Pine Mountain Ampitheater in Flagstaff on Sunday May 31st in support of their American Soldier tour.

As usual, the band sounded as good live as they do on the albums and their dynamic stage presence makes it even more enjoyable than cranking it up on your home hi-fi. This tour there are two new players in the game Parker Lundgren on guitar, and Jason Ames is taking over the keyboards. Both seem to have fit right in, and have mastered that particular “Queensrÿche sound” that the loyal fans are adamant that the band adheres to, or rips them apart on a number of fan communities.

Also joining the tour this time around is Geoff Tate’s daughter, Emily. She actually does a duet with Geoff about midway through the show, and the crowd loved it. Unfortunately, due to the mood of the song the lighting is very very low and none of the pictures I took of the duo turned out publish-worthy.

The band treated us to 3 suites of songs from Rage for Order, American Soldier and Empire. Crowd participation was just like every Ryche show…everyone sings every word to every song. You gotta love a band with a loyal fan base that will show up and sing along no matter what the weather or locale.

Check your local listings – if they haven’t made it to your town yet, perhaps they are on their way. Don’t miss this one!

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