Panda King Express – Chinese Takeout

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<UPDATE: This is now known as Tasty House…I have not tried it since the name changed>

If you live in North Phoenix – you should definitely call up Panda King Express (602-548-8108) for some chinese takeout when you aren’t in the mood to cook or drive. Delivery areas are from 35th Ave to Cave Creek and from Thunderbird to Pinnacle Peak. The place is located at 1512 W. Bell Rd, if you want to stop by instead. But hey, delivery is a buck plus tip – so just call…

All of the standard chinese fare as most Americans know it is offered at a reasonable price.  You can order anything one of three ways – Small or large (denotes size of container and comes with steamed rice) or in a combo which includes fried rice, egg roll and crab puff. You can substitute noodles for rice for a dollar more.

I can’t say enough good about this place…delivery is fast (seems to always be the same guy – owner maybe?) and the guy that answers the telephone is knowledgeable of the products and efficient.

Food is excellent. The egg rolls are crispy and golden brown (2 per side order) with a soft floral taste which I assume comes from five-spice-powder. Skip the wonton soup and order the Wor Wonton Soup. Totally worth the extra 3 bucks as it packs in beef, shrimp, snow peas, carrots, zucchini, some type of choy and other goodies bathed in a simple tasty broth.

The dishes like shrimp and snow peas are flavored elegantly. Those of you that prefer your chinese in szechwan, mongolian or hunan style will appreciate that the dishes are spicier as time goes by. It’s not a full on frontal assault of your palate, but a building crescendo of flavors.

According to my menu, the only way you can get duck is in fried rice…which seems a bit odd. If they have it for rice, they must have it for other things, right? Maybe I’ll ask if they can do a Peking duck for Christmas this year, as I love that for a holiday meal. Of course, I know they better require 24-72 hrs notice, otherwise they aren’t doing it right. Oh, I’ve been known to spend the days before that holiday with bike pump and fan in hand hanging a duck on my own screened in porch. Mmmm mm good.

Fall Frenzy (that it was)

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Saturday, I went to Fall Frenzy down in Tempe. Now, I’m not a fan of Tempe because they like to have these huge events there and the parking is atrocious. The city is probably great if you live on campus and ride your bike everywhere.

Anyway, I won the tickets from the Arizona Republic via Twitter. So, we headed down to Christown Mall and jumped on the light rail. The light rail is excellent, contrary to my beliefs before I actually rode the thing. It makes Tempe an enjoyable place to go. No parking, no fuss.

We got there in time to catch Slightly Stoopid, a bunch of guys from Ocean Beach in San Diego that play some funky reggae styled jams.

Slightly Stoopid - Artistic Version

Slightly Stoopid - Artistic Version

The crowd was packing it in. The beer area had a line about 300 people long, so I didn’t even bother to get a wristband. The jams were good, the sound system nicely adequate (not always the case at festivals). Continue Reading Fall Frenzy (that it was)…

The Codfather – British Fish n’ Chips

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The Codfather is another great strip-mall find! This one is on 16th St. &  Bell.

It’s an interesting style of joint. Seems to be part take-out, part sit-in, part pub, part mini-grocery. You can run in and get some fish n’ chips to go, or sit down and have them bring your order to you on real plates, with your ale in real pint glasses (16oz not imperial pints). There’s even some gaming in an adjoining area. Billiards, anyone? Continue Reading The Codfather – British Fish n’ Chips…

My Photography Website Now Open

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If you are looking to get some portrait or event photographs taken and you are in the Phoenix area, you definitely want to have a look at my new website
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