Fall Frenzy (that it was)

September 21, 2009 at 5:34 pm | Posted in Concert | 1 Comment
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Saturday, I went to Fall Frenzy down in Tempe. Now, I’m not a fan of Tempe because they like to have these huge events there and the parking is atrocious. The city is probably great if you live on campus and ride your bike everywhere.

Anyway, I won the tickets from the Arizona Republic via Twitter. So, we headed down to Christown Mall and jumped on the light rail. The light rail is excellent, contrary to my beliefs before I actually rode the thing. It makes Tempe an enjoyable place to go. No parking, no fuss.

We got there in time to catch Slightly Stoopid, a bunch of guys from Ocean Beach in San Diego that play some funky reggae styled jams.

Slightly Stoopid - Artistic Version

Slightly Stoopid - Artistic Version

The crowd was packing it in. The beer area had a line about 300 people long, so I didn’t even bother to get a wristband. The jams were good, the sound system nicely adequate (not always the case at festivals). The air was filled with the scent of sinsemilla which was perfect for this kind of band and they gave shout outs about it quite a few times.

After SS left stage, the throngs in front escaped for air/water/beer and those of us in the mid back pressed forward. It added about 20 degrees to the Arizona heat, which explains why so many people bailed out after SS. We settled in as Fall Out Boy took the stage playing their hit “Sugar We’re Going Down“. The crowd surged forward and went crazy. Good crazy. Festival crazy. Shirtless guys and barely-legal ponytailed girl dancing and jumpin and shouting crazy.

I tried to take pictures, but I was still quite a ways from the stage and even with Image Stabilization and the equivalent of a 400mm lens – it really didn’t work out well as I was in the midst of a can of sardines that was getting shaken and stirred. Even with those conditions, I seemed to fare better than the thousands snapping pix on their cell phones.

Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy

About half way through the set, we decided to back out of the crowd and get some air ourselves. Even at the back of the crowd it sounded good.

We did wait for Blink 182 to come on, but right before that happened the ASU game across the street ended and about 30,000 new people joined into the festival. That was just too much. Even with the video screens – there were just too many people to see anything unless we braved the crowd once more – which I wasn’t going to do with camera in tow. So, we headed back to the light rail and went on home like the middle-aged kids we are.

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  1. Slightly Stoopid, a bunch of guys from Ocean Beach…

    Classic. Sounds like a good time, and nice to hear there is some good public transportation out there somewhere to be had.

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