Chicago Gyros – Phoenix, Arizona

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Chicago Gyros – Exceptional Greek & Chicago Style Cuisine – Chicago Gyros.

Here’s another gem for you foodies in the Phoenix area! I was going to start by saying its in a strip mall across the street from another fave of mine, Roberto’s – but I just realized I haven’t blogged that one yet…

This one is on 7th Street and Union Hills. It’s clean, well lit and serves up awesome food.

We ordered 2 meals – a gyros platter and a kifta kabob platter. Both come with a pretty large salad consisting of lettuces, tomatos, greek olives and some cucumbers with skins decoratively removed. They are dressed perfectly with what I am guessing is a house made vinaigrette and are presented very stylishly, albeit they do come on a traditional “cafeteria plastic tray”. Salt and pepper are in shakers on the tables.

The kitchen staff seemed pretty knowledgeable about timing as our salads were served up first, and ample time was allowed for us to enjoy the salads for their aesthetics as well as their fresh, crisp flavors before they called our order number to let us know our dinner plates were ready.

My gyros plate had what you would expect, nice freshly shaved gyros meat consisting of lamb/beef and well seasoned alongside some tomatos, onions and french fries with just one serving of tzatziki sauce (you may want to order a couple of extras). The pita was thicker than that which was served with the kifta. The kifta plate substituted a yellow rice that was fluffy and tasty in lieu of the fries.

Beverage selections consisted of Coca-Cola products at the fountain, Gatorade, Fuze, a fruit-infused  brewed iced tea or a bottled yogurt drink. Drinks are not included with the plates, but are included with some “meal deals”.

Service was friendly and efficient.  It was a Sunday night, and right around 8pm the counter person walked over and turned off the OPEN signs in the windows, without making us feel as if we were being rushed to leave.

We enjoyed the place, and I’ll definitely return – although it’ll be hard to decide on whether to stop here or cross the street to Roberto’s…as I love their carnitas!

IMAX or LieMAX Locations on Google Maps

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View IMAX or LIEMAX? in a larger map

This is a REBLOG of james Peach’s work and his map!


Need to report a new location? Email me at

Need to know more? Go to A green marker indicates a “real” IMAX screen, a red exclamation mark indicates a “fake” IMAX screen.

IMAX is ruining their brand and deceiving their advocates. For those that want to know, here is a map of known “real/fake” IMAX screens, based on screen size and aspect ratio. Please email if you have a screen you want added.


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Aziz is Bored – REBLOG THE FUCK OUT OF THIS. WARNING: AMC theaters are running FAKE IMAX’s and charging $5 extra for a slightly bigger screen. Boycott IMAX, AMC, and Regal. Don’t let them fool you..

Well, Aziz has brought to the public’s attention what I have been complaining to my friends about forever. Fake IMAX sucks. And those blockbusters you are watching on them are rarely shot in IMAX format. They are converted to it, digitally. It’s similar to the way your home theatre equipment takes your old VHS tapes and “upconverts” them to display at a higher resolution on your big-screen TV or projector. In the “LieMAX” or fake IMAX format this is projected on a rectangular screen similar to your widescreen TV, using twin DLP projectors. In REAL IMAX this digital conversion gets printed on 70mm film and is projected on a square screen. Blockbuster movies such as Star Trek that are not shot with IMAX cameras will not utilize the upper and lower parts of a real IMAX squarte screen. It will letterbox, just like a standard4:3  TV. Movies that incorporate actual IMAX camera footage, such as The Dark Knight, will project letterboxed until the actual IMAX footage displays, filling the entire screen.

Hey, I have nothing against upconversion. I’ve been mesmerized by Faroudja video processors since I got my first laserdisc player. But I’m also a proponent of Real 70mm film, too. If you lived in Phoenix back in the days of the Original Cine Capri and got to see Blade Runner or Star Wars in 70mm mag-stripe – you understand what I mean. If you have never seen a 70mm film other than your multiplex fake IMAX…you need to.

The point Aziz and many others are noticing and complaining about is this is not the traditional IMAX experience. The screen is not ginormous, they don’t do the cool spotlight stuff showing you the speakers (44 of them) and their locations. They don’t warn you that motion sickness can be prevented by putting your head between your legs temporarily. Real IMAX does that.

Real IMAX is supposed to be 6-8 stories tall. Sometimes its projected on a dome which is called OMNIMAX (domed screens have some drawbacks when presenting traditional movies like Star Trek – it will warp the normally rectangular frame). The screen is supposed to be bigger than your field of view…that’s what can induce the motion sickness.

So, here’s what you do if you have never seen REAL IMAX before – go down to your local science museum and watch one! That’s where they usually are, although they can be found in City Centers, standalones, casinos – all kinds of places. But, if you have a decent science museum in your city, you should have REAL IMAX.

It probably won’t be showing Batman, or Star Trek or any other DMR film, but trust me…just pay the 12 bucks to see anything. Most IMAX films are about 40 minutes long, not 2 hours. They are expensive to film, so they are expensive to watch. Just watch. You can watch grass grow in IMAX and be totally thrilled to have experienced it…that’s where their tagline “the IMAX experience” came from. It used to be an experience! Still is, at the right place! However, as Aziz points out in his blog – AMC and Regal are not the right places.

Oh, and if you are in San Diego – the Reuben H Fleet Science Center has an awesome IMAX, with the newest nanoseam technology screen IMAX has…I haven’t been there in 20 years, but with the new technology screen – its on my list to do this summer.

Fish and Garden Veggies Tonite

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Tonite’s menu will start with the following

  • Tilapia Filets
  • Angel Hair Pasta
  • One Freshly-picked Green Tomato
  • 3 Red Ripe Cherry Tomatoes
  • 2 Garden Fresh Serrano Peppers
  • Italian Bread Crumbs
  • Grey Sea Salt
  • Fresh Cracked Black Pepper

I will pan-sear the tilapia, with nothing but salt & pepper adorning it.

I will coat the green tomato in Italian Bread crumbs and fry it nicely golden in some olive oil.

The pasta will be al dente mixed in with a “sauce” consisting of nothing but olive oil, garlic and the aforementioned mentioned veggies minced up and tossed in.

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