$15 Worth of Milk and What I Did With It

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Ok, so somehow I got it in my mind to make some homemade butter. A little research told me all I needed was some good heavy whipping cream and a jar to shake it in or a food processor. The latter two I have on hand. The first of these, as I know all too well from my previous culinary adventures can be hard to obtain in this part of the world. At least if by cream you mean something with a lot of butterfat and no non-dairy additives to “make it creamier” or whatever crap the marketers of dairy products would have you believe.

So, as usual that plan got changed into something slightly different as I discovered more information. Turns out that there is in fact a way to buy raw milk Continue Reading $15 Worth of Milk and What I Did With It…

The Final Countdown

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Pork Chili Adventure

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As an avid home cook I like to play around in the kitchen. Often times I find myself playing an at home version of Iron Chef. Sometimes, this is somewhat planned. I will go to the store and select a fresh ingredient then come home and scour my pantry and food stuffs to create a dish from that ingredient. Other times, I am tossed into this game by my girlfriend bringing home an ingredient, or defrosting one the night before. Continue Reading Pork Chili Adventure…

Chino Bandido Chinese Mexican Food and a Panda Mascot

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Secret Location Revealed!

15414 N.19th Ave

Suite K

Phoenix, AZ 85032

Ok, so it’s not a secret anymore. For years, I tried to keep it that way. It was a place to take only your most trusted, respected, adventurous friends. Hopefully they could be trusted to at least feign an attempt at trying to order on their own… Continue Reading Chino Bandido Chinese Mexican Food and a Panda Mascot…

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