Queensrÿche Rocks Flagstaff

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Queensrÿche stopped by the Pine Mountain Ampitheater in Flagstaff on Sunday May 31st in support of their American Soldier tour.

As usual, the band sounded as good live as they do on the albums and their dynamic stage presence makes it even more enjoyable than cranking it up on your home hi-fi. This tour there are two new players in the game Parker Lundgren on guitar, and Jason Ames is taking over the keyboards. Both seem to have fit right in, and have mastered that particular “Queensrÿche sound” that the loyal fans are adamant that the band adheres to, or rips them apart on a number of fan communities.

Also joining the tour this time around is Geoff Tate’s daughter, Emily. She actually does a duet with Geoff about midway through the show, and the crowd loved it. Unfortunately, due to the mood of the song the lighting is very very low and none of the pictures I took of the duo turned out publish-worthy.

The band treated us to 3 suites of songs from Rage for Order, American Soldier and Empire. Crowd participation was just like every Ryche show…everyone sings every word to every song. You gotta love a band with a loyal fan base that will show up and sing along no matter what the weather or locale.

Check your local listings – if they haven’t made it to your town yet, perhaps they are on their way. Don’t miss this one!

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