Thee Pitts Again

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The name seems to be the real clue here…

Here’s my review form YELP! Because, it’s not really worth writing about again…


Saw it on DDD. Guy steered us wrong here. I had ribs and brisket in order to give them a fair shake. Neither worked for me. Service was way slow on a Saturday around 8pm. Ribs were cold, as was brisket. Brisket was smokeless, as were ribs. Sauce I wouldn’t buy even if it was at the dollar store.
I won’t return. Rather drive to Honey Bear’s.

Less than 1 Star.


Dinner @ an Iron Chef Victor’s

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Mark Tarbell is a legend around the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. He has been for a long time. For the last couple of years, that legend has grown since he stomped Cat Cora on Iron Chef America.

I haven’t been in his place, Tarbell’s in quite some time…perhaps 7 years. Two events made me decide to head back out there and see what was up nowadays. The first one was the fact that my girlfriend and best friends were itching to head on down and battle the crowd at Pizza Bianco to see if it deserved the accolades it was receiving. The second was a Twitter message announcing a replay of that famed Iron Chef episode on the Food Network. I figured, we better strike before the iron gets too hot again with a bunch of FN groupies heading down there. (Those two things plus the fact that 1/2 the reviews from people on Citysearch said bad things about the staff and management at Pizza Bianco were enough for me to singly swing the tide and put Pizza Bianco off until another day).

So…we ventured to the Biltmore area…and a look of despair fell across the faces of my cohorts as I had them pull into a strip mall. The fact that Sportsman’s Fine Wines was in that strip mall didn’t seem to offer them too much hope… Continue Reading Dinner @ an Iron Chef Victor’s…

Los Mesquites Taqueria – Cave Creek, AZ

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Stopped by this newly (really newly) opened joint the other day and found it to be a sit-down restaurant rather than a more casual order-at-the-window type of establishment one would expect of a taqueria.

The decor and paint are done nicely with south-of-the-border “flavors”. There are two dining areas, one dark and cozy one brightly lit with a view of the outside eating area perched on a nice hill surrounded by mesquite trees. Continue Reading Los Mesquites Taqueria – Cave Creek, AZ…

Chino Bandido Chinese Mexican Food and a Panda Mascot

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Secret Location Revealed!

15414 N.19th Ave

Suite K

Phoenix, AZ 85032

Ok, so it’s not a secret anymore. For years, I tried to keep it that way. It was a place to take only your most trusted, respected, adventurous friends. Hopefully they could be trusted to at least feign an attempt at trying to order on their own… Continue Reading Chino Bandido Chinese Mexican Food and a Panda Mascot…

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