Chicago Gyros – Phoenix, Arizona

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Chicago Gyros – Exceptional Greek & Chicago Style Cuisine – Chicago Gyros.

Here’s another gem for you foodies in the Phoenix area! I was going to start by saying its in a strip mall across the street from another fave of mine, Roberto’s – but I just realized I haven’t blogged that one yet…

This one is on 7th Street and Union Hills. It’s clean, well lit and serves up awesome food.

We ordered 2 meals – a gyros platter and a kifta kabob platter. Both come with a pretty large salad consisting of lettuces, tomatos, greek olives and some cucumbers with skins decoratively removed. They are dressed perfectly with what I am guessing is a house made vinaigrette and are presented very stylishly, albeit they do come on a traditional “cafeteria plastic tray”. Salt and pepper are in shakers on the tables.

The kitchen staff seemed pretty knowledgeable about timing as our salads were served up first, and ample time was allowed for us to enjoy the salads for their aesthetics as well as their fresh, crisp flavors before they called our order number to let us know our dinner plates were ready.

My gyros plate had what you would expect, nice freshly shaved gyros meat consisting of lamb/beef and well seasoned alongside some tomatos, onions and french fries with just one serving of tzatziki sauce (you may want to order a couple of extras). The pita was thicker than that which was served with the kifta. The kifta plate substituted a yellow rice that was fluffy and tasty in lieu of the fries.

Beverage selections consisted of Coca-Cola products at the fountain, Gatorade, Fuze, a fruit-infused  brewed iced tea or a bottled yogurt drink. Drinks are not included with the plates, but are included with some “meal deals”.

Service was friendly and efficient.  It was a Sunday night, and right around 8pm the counter person walked over and turned off the OPEN signs in the windows, without making us feel as if we were being rushed to leave.

We enjoyed the place, and I’ll definitely return – although it’ll be hard to decide on whether to stop here or cross the street to Roberto’s…as I love their carnitas!

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