Art and web design by Matthew James Taylor

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Art and web design by Matthew James Taylor.

If you are looking for some of the slickest CSS web-design stuff around, look no further. This man has put together some of the best stuff I have seen. He writes in an easy to understand and follow format, and explains very well what is happening behind the scenes.

His designs are all diagrammed in separate colors, so you can easily follow his at-first-seemingly-complex nested structures, but once you have looked into the inner workings of a few of them, you will see that they mostly follow a common concept, involving one more level of DIV tags then you would think.

I had been playing around with similar concepts of mutliple column page structures, and the positioning was driving me nuts! After checking his concepts and designs – it is all becoming clearer now. I was using one too few DIVs and had made some pretty basic positioning mistakes.

My kudos go out to this CSS wizard! Check him out. You can download templates, or just read his articles. Great site.

Flock Browser – Getting Started | Flock

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Get Flocked

Love to Blog?

Draft and publish to your blog(s) with ease.

Two steps to getting your blogs online:

1. Log into or create an account on a Flock-supported blog service: Blogger, Blogsome, LiveJournal, Typepad, WordPress or Xanga. Flock will automatically set up your account, because it’s cool that way.

2. Blog Tool IconOpen Flock’s Blog Editor. Compose your draft online or offline. Drag and drop content from anywhere to the editor to embed. Hit “Publish”. Become famous, thank Flock in an acceptance speech.

3. If you have a self-hosted blog, set it up by opening the Accounts & Services sidebar and choosing “Self-Hosted blog”.

Flock Browser – Getting Started | Flock.

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