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I’m all for “rock with a positive message” as long as it’s done by a band like Creed, rather than say Stryper. Not that I have anything against 80’s hair bands in bumblebee spandex outfits…wait…I do if they are Stryper. Just saying. But I digress…

Lo-Pro opened the show, and apparently played a 19 minute set. We walked in as they were playing their last notes…so can’t really comment on those guys. I can comment on the fact that draft beers were $10.25. That is just ridiculous.

Aaron Lewis and Johnny April - Staind

Aaron Lewis and Johnny April - Staind

It wasn’t long before Staind took the stage and rocked the house. The lighting designer and soundguy were spot on! Great show both audibly and visibly. Rather than a giant video screen they opted for a seven panel display from pixled from what I gather around the net. Technically and artistically the band was definitely at the top of their game. Of course, they played all of their hits including the ones I didn’t even realize were theirs!

Scott Stapp & Mark Tremonti

Scott Stapp & Mark Tremonti

Creed put on a rock show. Yes. With fire and pyro and sound system turned up to a hair past 11. I know it was a hair past because there were some moments during the loudest passages that took the system just past its limit and you could tell. Everyone knows you never go past 11. Those moments were few, and for the most part the show was great. You gotta love a tour that includes excellent video screen with awesome imagery, Varilites on suspended elevators and explosives. You just can’t go wrong with explosives and fire.

Did I mention they had fire that we could feel from the back of the arena? Well they did. Brings a whole new dimension to entertainment. In fact some movies have tried to pull off this “4th Dimension” experience with puffs of cold air or rumbling seats. They failed. Why? Because they didn’t use fire! Apparently flames are the key to bringing some of that onstage energy into the crowd. Who knew?

The drawback to random, giant bursts of flame is that they are random and therefore, hard to capture adequately with a still camera. Varilites, giant video screens and elevators aren’t. Check the concert photos page for some of the shots I managed to grab.

Oh! a shout out to @Stang5_0 who asked me to go because he had some tickets from @JobingArenaGirl. Thanks so much!


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This is the only “true” giant screen IMAX theatre in the Phoenix area that shows Hollywood Blockbuster-type films (IMAX DMR films to those “in the know”). The others are either at the science museum (showing traditional IMAX films shot in IMAX format) or the current trendy multiplex versions which aren’t much bigger than a standard movie screen. You know the ones – LieMAX screens, or Fake IMAX as many like to call them.

This is the real deal, though. It’s a standalone theatre (although it is in a mall), and of course it is reserved seating (tickets can be purchased online). Yes, it has giant speakers hanging from the ceilings (they need dusting badly). Yes it is a rectangular screen showing 15/70. No, it does not have the nanoseam screen.

The caveats are, it’s not the most upscale theatre you’ve been to. The snack selection sucks, the popcorn may be very very stale, and you may feel like you need a sanitizer wipe after leaving the restrooms.

Tickets are pricey, as usual with IMAX. OF course the sound and on-screen visuals are amazing. The rest of the “experience” may leave you heading off to cleaner pastures.

Let’s hope they clean up their act and let new generations of fans learn what a REAL IMAX experience is supposed to be like.

UPDATE 1/19/10Harkins has bought this theatre as of December 2009, in time to show Avatar. Word has it, they will be remodeling the lobby, bathrooms, etc but NOT changing the projection system. They will continue to show TRUE IMAX 15perf-70mm FILMS. I just saw Avatar here, and it was good. Staff was better prepared for the crowd, friendly and generally “on top” of things. Looks like Dan Harkins is helping out us movie junkies. He probably owes us that, after tearing down the original Cine Capri and then failing to put in 70mm projectors when they rebuilt.

Concert Tickets May Go To Highest Bidder

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Have you heard? Ticketmaster and LiveNation may be merging. By the time I write this, it may already have happened.

If you follow this kind of stuff – then you may know that recently LiveNation stock has pretty much plummeted, and they have had to pay U2 around $19 million due to a deal they signed with them last year. [Formerly I had this as Madonna – who has a similar deal, but so far the only payout is to U2 – Madonna’s payout will come later this year]

LiveNAtion had plans to take over its own ticketing operations so they could stop paying Ticketmaster ridiculous amounts of cash for every event they did. Apparently, Ticketmaster did not like that idea so much – and now the two may merge.

Yeah, there’s an ongoing investigation into Ticketmaster practices about tickets being “sold out” within minutes, and then immediately being available to highest bidders on Ticketmaster’s own

To me, what all this means is that no matter who or what you want tickets for – you will have have to be the highest bidder. No more preferential tickets for those who waited all night in the rain outside the venue. We all knew those days were gone, anyhow. But now, even if you are the “first” online or on the phone – you will probably be redirected to an auction site along with ever other fan.

I am asking all bands from this point on, to go back to managing and selling their own tickets. Or, pay the venue – or another local merchant to do it for them. Screw Ticketmaster and Live Nation.

My only question is – will it be Live Master, or Ticket Nation? Either way, I think the fans are up the proverbial creek. Let’s hope someone does something about it and starts passing out paddles. Soon.

Ticketmaster/Live Nation Merger Could Raise Ticket Prices | Epicenter from

Get Your NFC Playoff Tickets!

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Arizona Cardinals beat the Carolina Panthers 33-13. Philadelphia Eagles beat the New York Giants 23-11. What that means is this… Glendale, AZ will host the NFC Championship game at the University of Phoenix Stadium next Sunday, January 18 2009.

Tickets went on sale today at 3:00PM Arizona Time. They were SOLD OUT at 3:06PM.

But, don’t fret – I happen to know where you can get 6 of them. If you are a group of 4 looking to get rowdy in the Terrace Level then click this! If you would prefer some upscale seating featuring cushier seats with wider widths and access to actual bars rather than a concession line full of people waiting on a draft beer – then you will definitely need these seats.

No, these aren’t my tickets. And no, mentioning my name won’t reduce their auction price – but what the hell, at least I know the guy selling them and can vouch for their authenticity.

So, what are you waiting for, get your giant foam fingers ready, paint your chests and scoop these tickets before they are gone!

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