Is Prop 110 a Conspiracy?

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There are a lot of people arguing FOR Proposition 110 on the Arizona ballot this year. There are exactly zero (0) arguing AGAINST it, in the official ballot booklet.

Just for fun, let’s take a look at it from a different…perhaps conspiratorial… angle.

If you don’t have Google Earth installed – you should. Click the link to download it directly from Google. Then, you can follow along in this exercise.

Prop 110 – Arizona State Trust Land Exchanges

_________What your vote will mean__________

A “yes” vote shall have the effect of authorizing the sale or lease of state trust land without auction or advertisement in order to protect military installations and operations. It will also allow voter-approved exchanges of state trust land after public notice and hearing if the exchange is related to either protecting military facilities or for land management purposes.

A “no” vote shall have the effect of retaining current law regarding the sale, lease and exchange of state trust land.


Let’s poke around at what military bases might be in jeopardy of encroachment, and need some land traded in order to protect them. After all, that’s what the proponents of this proposition say it is for. We will focus on Davis Monthan Air Force base in Tucson, because it is big, and has a decent amount of State Trust Lands in its vicinity.

Open up the AZ Parcel Viewer, located here:

Hit the Button, near the top, for EASY SEARCH (popups must be enabled)
Select Township
T16S R15E
Zoom to Township

That will zoom you into an area just south of I-10. you can zoom out a bit to see the air base just north of I-10. It will also create a selected area that is light pink – that’s not the pink I refer to below. After zooming out you will see the base in dark pink.

Turn on Land Ownership in the Layers on the right side by putting a check mark in the square. That will color the map according to who owns it.
Pink=Military (Davis Monthan Air base in this case)
White=Private Owner
Light Blue= State Trust Land

Now ask yourself…”Who owns all that white land just south of the air base?
Lets open Google Earth to find out.
Search for Business:
IBM Tucson, AZ

That should answer that question. (It should come up as selection A – double click it to zoom in and see their campus. The air base is just above it)

Now ask yourself…”Why would IBM care about any land adjacent to their existing campus?

I refer you to Paragraph 1, Sentence 2 on Page 20 of the following document (note title of said document):


There ya go. The way I read the proposition, it would allow the State to sell that Trust land to them directly, without advertisement or auction. No independent financial analyses. No public hearings. No highest bidder. IBM just names a price, and they can buy it.

As it stands now, the state can lease that land (and apparently is), or they can sell it at auction, to the highest and best bidder.

Why would they come up with a proposition that requires massive transparency and accountability in order to exchange the land, for other equally valuable federal lands; when they don’t have to provide accountability nor transparency if they decide to sell it privately?

Hey, this is just my thought. Do what you want this information. Take some time, while your map is color-coded as above, to browse around the parcel viewer and see what military bases might be in danger. You are looking for pink areas, surrounded by light blue areas. Check Luke Air Force base in Phoenix. Fort Huachuca outside of Sierra Vista. Note that the yellow areas are BLM lands, so they don’t apply. Green areas are forests. White areas are privately owned (that means there are already commerical buildings or housing tracts there).

Leave me some comments below, or hit me up on twitter @therealcyber5, and let me know what you think about this article.

First Ever Pro-Marijuana Commercial Goes National

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NORML has released the following commercial plea to president Obama, on 4/20.

Concert Tickets May Go To Highest Bidder

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Have you heard? Ticketmaster and LiveNation may be merging. By the time I write this, it may already have happened.

If you follow this kind of stuff – then you may know that recently LiveNation stock has pretty much plummeted, and they have had to pay U2 around $19 million due to a deal they signed with them last year. [Formerly I had this as Madonna – who has a similar deal, but so far the only payout is to U2 – Madonna’s payout will come later this year]

LiveNAtion had plans to take over its own ticketing operations so they could stop paying Ticketmaster ridiculous amounts of cash for every event they did. Apparently, Ticketmaster did not like that idea so much – and now the two may merge.

Yeah, there’s an ongoing investigation into Ticketmaster practices about tickets being “sold out” within minutes, and then immediately being available to highest bidders on Ticketmaster’s own

To me, what all this means is that no matter who or what you want tickets for – you will have have to be the highest bidder. No more preferential tickets for those who waited all night in the rain outside the venue. We all knew those days were gone, anyhow. But now, even if you are the “first” online or on the phone – you will probably be redirected to an auction site along with ever other fan.

I am asking all bands from this point on, to go back to managing and selling their own tickets. Or, pay the venue – or another local merchant to do it for them. Screw Ticketmaster and Live Nation.

My only question is – will it be Live Master, or Ticket Nation? Either way, I think the fans are up the proverbial creek. Let’s hope someone does something about it and starts passing out paddles. Soon.

Ticketmaster/Live Nation Merger Could Raise Ticket Prices | Epicenter from

Stop The Remake!

September 10, 2008 at 4:39 pm | Posted in Cult Classic, Movies, Politics | Leave a comment
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Stop the Remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

MTV is trying to cash in on a cult classic. Don’t let it happen! Preserve the integrity (sic) of the original! Sign the petition!

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