Getting Google Buzz Out of Your Inbox

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Are you testing out Google Buzz and it is driving you crazy by tossing stuff into your Gmail inbox every time you do anything on a social network?

Fear not. It’s easy to filter Buzz out of your inbox! Just go to your Gmail Settings and create a filter like this:

Just type “label:buzz” (without the quotations) into the “Has the words” area. Click the Next Step button. It will give you a warning, just accept that warning – it doesn’t apply here, for some reason.

Creating Gmail Filter

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Now, just put a check mark in the “Skip the Inbox” selection and press the Create Filter button. Like this:

Skip the Inbox

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That’s it. You will have created a filter that skips your inbox! Everything will show up when you click Buzz on the left side of the Gmail window, but not in your Gmail Inbox.

You will have a filter that looks like this:

Completed Gmail Buzz Filter

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How Do I Just Turn It Off Altogether?

Even easier than creating a filter.  Scroll to the bottom of the Gmail page and click the link tht says “turn off buzz”.

Turn Off Google Buzz

Turn Off Google Buzz - Click For Larger Image

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