Store-Bought Tomatoes Suck

April 6, 2009 at 4:35 pm | Posted in Food, Gardening | Leave a comment
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Celebrity Tomato

Celebrity Tomato

I love tomatoes. All kinds of tomatoes. I hate the fact that almost every tomato we can get easily in Phoenix, AZ comes from Mexico – although Arizona is the United States’ largest producer of commercial tomatoes due to a hydroponic farm up in Prescott, if I recall.

So, in order to cut back on my Mexican tomato consumption and maybe offset a bit of my carbon footprint in the process – I’m growing a few of my own! Rather than try to battle the fierce sun and horrible “soil” here in Phoenix, I am using an Earthbox which is a fancy “patio container” that is like a traditional container that borrows some hydroponic concepts. You water from the bottom, and it gets fertilized from the top.

So far, the tomatoes and the other items I have growing (serrano peppers, anaheim chilies, thai bird peppers and basil) are all establishing themselves well with about 6 hours of sunlight a day, with shade all afternoon. As it gets hotter here (and it will) I’ll see if my plan works out as well as I hope. If it does, I will be purchasing more Earthboxes, or borrowing the concept and fashioning my own similar item so I can increase production next year.


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