Joe’s Farm Grill

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Joes Farm Grill

Joe's Farm Grill

Yesterday I checked off another spot featured on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives! As usual, this one is not to be missed!

Joe’s Farm Grill is just what it sounds like…a grill-based burger joint sitting on an actual working farm, er right in front of one.

Yep, they use ingredients right off the farm. They also try to use local ingredients for anything they can’t get on the farm. Imagine that, a burger place trying to be sustainable and green.

Speaking of green, once you place your order and pay ( a fairly steep price for burgers and salads btw – about $60 total for 4 people) at the window they give you one of those fancy restaurant buzzers. With that in hand, you are free to go find a table. Inside, under glass and A/C, or outside under some beautiful old trees. Seating is picnic-table style outside, 60’s burger-joint style inside.

Once you have secured your seating, you can wander over to the fountain drink area that is stocked with napkins, plenty of condiments in ultra-chic stainless-steel automatic pumps, and plastic silverware.

When your buzzer goes off – pick up your food at the pick-up window and enjoy some great burgers, awesome chicken sandwiches, tasty pulled pork and fairly decent ribs. Oh, hope you didn’t forget to order a salad, since you are on a farm! Greens were spectacular, full of flavor and fresh! They even included some jicama and carrots along with the grape tomatoes to adorn the greens.

Everyone in our party tried different things. We were all impressed – and at least two of us are pretty hard to impress!

The one thing I was saddened by was as green as they are trying to be, when the time came to leave and dispose of our nice ginger ale and black cherry soda glass bottles – there was not a recycle bin in sight.

Yes, we will definitely return when we are in the area. However, it doesn’t seem eco-friendly to drive 30 miles from our house so we can eat at a “semi-sustainable” restaurant, so it won’t be often.

Check it out –

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