Irie Jamaican Restaurant

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Parking in the rear, mon.

Parking in the rear, mon.

Ok, so if you are in Phoenix and are craving some curried goat, or real jerk chicken, then this is the place. In fact, it’s the only place I know of that even has goat on the menu in this town.

It is in an old part of town, and one that the average tourist, nor Scottsdale-ite is  likely to find. This is not an upscale restaurant. It is just good eats.

In addition to the goat and chicken they have oxtails and a few other items, mostly of the seafood variety. Also available are imported Jamaican beverages such as Jamaican Kola and Ginger Beer, along with some all natural juice/extract beverages that seem to be pretty native to the Caribbean.  On Saturdays, they have a soup. I don’t know if it changes or not.

Entrees come with sides of cabbage and rice with beans. They run around $11 each. You can also order a small version of them, which has no sides. It’s not mentioned on the menu, so I’m not sure what those run.

Dining can be done inside, outside, or “to-go”. “Here” orders are served on regular plates, with just a fork – no need for a knife. “To-go” orders are the standard styrofoam stuff.  Outside, you can enjoy the wonderful aroma of the smokers doing their magic to the chicken. Inside, there are a couple of Bob Marley pictures and some video games that weren’t turned on while I was there.

The food is good and tasty. However, for my likes I will order it EXTRA spicy next time, as Really spicy just wasn’t hot enough for me.

The place is at 2010 E. Broadway, and parking is in the back. Take the alleyway on the west side of the building.

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