$15 Worth of Milk and What I Did With It

November 24, 2008 at 1:32 pm | Posted in Cooking, science, Test | Leave a comment
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Ok, so somehow I got it in my mind to make some homemade butter. A little research told me all I needed was some good heavy whipping cream and a jar to shake it in or a food processor. The latter two I have on hand. The first of these, as I know all too well from my previous culinary adventures can be hard to obtain in this part of the world. At least if by cream you mean something with a lot of butterfat and no non-dairy additives to “make it creamier” or whatever crap the marketers of dairy products would have you believe.

So, as usual that plan got changed into something slightly different as I discovered more information. Turns out that there is in fact a way to buy raw milk Continue Reading $15 Worth of Milk and What I Did With It…

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