Chino Bandido Chinese Mexican Food and a Panda Mascot

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Secret Location Revealed!

15414 N.19th Ave

Suite K

Phoenix, AZ 85032

Ok, so it’s not a secret anymore. For years, I tried to keep it that way. It was a place to take only your most trusted, respected, adventurous friends. Hopefully they could be trusted to at least feign an attempt at trying to order on their own…

I’ve been going there for quite a few years now, and the last time I went a few weeks ago was the first time I ever actually completed not only my order, but my girlfriends order completely! Usually, the staff at the counter will walk me through it, or do it themselves which is much quicker.

In fact, the last time I was there I ordered something small enough to eat in one sitting. Hengrenade chicken in a quesadilla, small side of black beans. That’s a 6 in the quesadilla section and circling Blk in the sides section. I don’t have the time or willpower to explain it. Goto and try the interactive demo. It’s not a complete tutorial by any means – but it will get you started.

Anyhow, Guy Fieri of Food Network fame has exposed this restaurant on his show “Triple D” as he likes to call it…and chinobandido will let you know that via their website and their inhouse decor. Of course, the Phoenix New Times has been trying to “out” this place for years voting it Best Of some category every year since I can remember…so it’s not really a secret anymore.

Hell, at this point people are adept enough at ordering a Jerk Chicken Burrito comboed with a Jen Red Pork Quesadilla over Jerk Fried Rice with a side of Refried Beans that some of them can actually fax the order in on the standard ordering sheet and they get what they wanted waiting for them when they show up!

So anyway – if you want some great food in Phoenix you can trust me, Guy and the staff at New Times amongst a small legion of followers and head on over to Chino’s.

Check their website for details, then ask the friendly staff to help you realize your culinary desire to try your first Chinese BBQ Pork Burrito, or your first chile relleno over a bed of chinese rice. Or Jerk Rice.  Chicken Fried Rice…um, no Pork Fried Rice. Wait. Chile Relleno Quesadilla with JFR. Aw hell – why are you still reading this? I’ll meet you at Chino’s in ten!

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