Flickr RSS Problems – Any techies out there with some answers?

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I have been experimenting with pulling RSS feeds into my webpages. In fact, this blog gets pulled over to it, as a test.

Right now I am having some problems with pulling a flickr feed. If there are any Dreamweaver Developers around who are familiar with flickr, and/or Atom 1.0 feeds – please read on!


IF I pull in the RSS 2 Feed, from the latest uploads eg: I can work with it well, and do whatever I want.

IF I pull in a set feed (which is apparently Atom 1.0) eg:

I get nothing usable in Dreamweaver 8.

I have pulled every single item from the feed into the dreamweaver page, and nothing. Not even a space or paragraph jump to indicate it tried to pull something, but couldn’t.

Now – if I change the photo set code to reflect that is an RSS 2 feed (ie. add – &format=rss_200) to the end of the line where it connects to the source, I get the same information as I do when pulling the “latest” feed, and can work with it no problem. No problem while previewing the XSL fragment anyhow. Once I call that fragment from an ASP page, it gives me this error:

MM_XSLTransform error:

“flickrgalleryfeed.xsl” is not a valid XSLT document.

Reference to undeclared namespace prefix: ‘media’.

I have tried to declare media using a declaration from the page that works – to no avail. It just wont parse.

How can I hack the page so that it thinks it is parsing RSS2? Is this a dreamweaver problem, an IIS 5 problem, or what? Please help. What is being checked, and by what, to tell my browser (FLock 2 and IE6) that there is a problem???

Remember – the XSL fragment page previews correctly on it’s own. Once it is called by the ASP page it has a problem and generates the error.

I have viewed the feed directly with Flock and other feed readers, so I know that there is valid data there, I just can’t get it to display.


I have posted this in the flickr help forums, and Adobe forums, figured I would toss it up here as another avenue seeking help!

Camera Gear

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Currently, I am using a Canon 20D DSLR with a 28-135mm IS USM lens strapped onto it. I also have an Olympus SP-560UZ. The Olympus is a fairly advanced point-and-shoot which allows quite a bit of manual setting, and it has 18X zoom, which translates to something like a 435mm telephoto, and it goes really wide…10mm or so? Both of them are so great, I can’t begin to tell you! Oh, and I recently bought a nifty little gadget that allows me to open the Canon shutter wirelessly. Makes it a breeze to photograph stuff like lightning, while sitting at my desk with the camera outside. Check my flickr stream for shots of that! Or, even better, I will add one here!

Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike


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Currently, I am a flickrholic. It’s a disease, really. It has caused me to spend way too much money on camera gear. However, I am hoping to turn this latest hobby into a profession. Perhaps this blog will allow me to do that, by networking with other photographers. If you are a photographer in the Phoenix area, and would like to get together – drop me a line! If you are a model in the area, and want some shots for your portfolio, perhaps we can work out a trade.

Another test

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This is a test to see if my RSS feed is publishing to correctly, or more to the point…if is capturing it correctly.


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Test 2. Where is

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