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August 16, 2008 at 7:30 pm | Posted in Flickr, Photography | 2 Comments
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Currently, I am using a Canon 20D DSLR with a 28-135mm IS USM lens strapped onto it. I also have an Olympus SP-560UZ. The Olympus is a fairly advanced point-and-shoot which allows quite a bit of manual setting, and it has 18X zoom, which translates to something like a 435mm telephoto, and it goes really wide…10mm or so? Both of them are so great, I can’t begin to tell you! Oh, and I recently bought a nifty little gadget that allows me to open the Canon shutter wirelessly. Makes it a breeze to photograph stuff like lightning, while sitting at my desk with the camera outside. Check my flickr stream for shots of that! Or, even better, I will add one here!

Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike


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  1. Very nice. Like the dark blues.
    Thinking about upgrading to Cannon L-IS lenses. How do you feel about them?

  2. The Canon is new for me. At this time, I don’t own an “L” lenses. So far, it’s just the one. I love it. Focus is fast, and images are sharp. Having the IS obviously helps when doing hand-held shots. Oddly enough, if it’s on a tripod Canon suggests turning it off, otherwise autofocus seems to have some problems. I chose that lens as my first lens because it offers a pretty decent zoom range. Probably need a wider one next…until then, I’ll have to use the Oly for the architectural photos and such!

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